Get More for Your Money with Event Video Production

There is a big difference between what happens when you hire a videographer for an event, rather than for a company brand marketing campaign. The difference is, that you get an entire film crew. The benefits of having a full event video production crew are huge.


Inevitably, there will be an agreed strategy before filming commences, particularly if a customer has asked for an event to be filmed in a certain way. However, no two minds are the same, and film production crews will bring with them their own creative flare, shooting from angles or picking up on moments that their team member might not have thought about. 


So how does this benefit you? Well, with an entire film crew covering your event, we don’t leave anything to chance. There are more opportunities to capture key moments, more opportunities to focus on emotion, and more opportunities to get it right rather than relying on a one-shot technique. 


Some people attempt to film an event themselves, and whilst this is very admirable, you simply can’t be everywhere at once. If you’re filming a crowd whopping and clapping, how are you capturing the action on stage? If you’re at the finish line filming runners gladly coming to an end, who is capturing their raw emotions before they get there?


Furthermore, some clients will ask for interviews and vox pop video filming. It’s pretty difficult to dedicate enough time to conduct these sorts of interviews if your production company does not have a crew with them. Just think of everything that could be missed whilst the camera is focusing on that interview.

The Brief

You should never assume that your event video production company will show up on the day with an entire crew, that all comes down to your brief and the exact agenda you have given to your client. If for example, you have asked them to film a static presentation to use for training, later on, there might not be any need for a film crew. It all comes down to your exact requirements. 


Make sure to prepare a brief, covering your expectations. These should include:


  • Any ‘must-haves’ you want from the day, for example, will there be a guest speaker you want to make sure features in the film or a sponsor you want to highlight?
  • Whether or not you want interviews to be included
  • The aim of your video, what do you want to achieve with the finished result, more social media followers, more traffic to your website, or is your film to be used internally for training?
  • How long do you expect the video to be completed after the event is over? 


Providing a brief will help your event video production company to prepare an accurate quote based on the crew, type of equipment, and editing time they are going to need. They will know this from the information you have provided so make sure you are absolutely clear from the beginning. 


Choosing video production for your event is a no-brainer. The benefits are far-reaching, from creating brand awareness, credibility, future marketing, social media content, increased website traffic, and accessibility for those that could not be there. Therefore with such an investment, it’s important to get your brief right and be clear about your expectations. 


BONUS TIP: If you’re on a tight budget, you could ask a colleague to conduct any interviews as part of your video. They usually won’t show up on camera anyway, with the focus being on the interviewee, and choosing to use someone from your team avoids the cost of the video production company providing someone for you.

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