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Number one thing that video can do for your business?


Now we have previously gone over some of the benefits that video can have for your business, including the fact that it can help to educate your audience, it can help you build a reputable brand, earn trust, improve your seo performance, increase traffic to your website, plus many more. But what would we say has to be the number one best thing that video can do for your businesses?


Well we list that the number one reason is video allows you the opportunity to humanise your business.

How does video humanise businesses?

People like seeing other people’s faces, these faces express emotion, it’s a way to connect to one another. When we see someone walk down the street, if they were to smile at you, aren’t you more likely to smile back? If your company videos include personalities from yourself as the business owner or from those that work for you, this is going to help evoke positive associations from viewers. Meaning they are far more likely to relate to you, connect with your business and trust you – resulting in more sales for you!


By utilising video for your business, you can make your business more human. Human beings are social creatures, generally we like to connect with others, and people buy from people, and people they trust.

If you don't use video content for your business?

How many times have you visited a website searching for a service, only to discover a website that has way too much text, no imagery or videos, and you straight away feel that this company doesn’t feel personable to you? That’s because of the lack of connection the website has and a lack of engagement on offer. 


Let’s imagine you’re in need of a physiotherapist after an injury, after doing some research you have found six Physios in your local area. They are all similar in price, all have good reviews, but five of the websites just display text.


Now imagine, the sixth website has videos on their site. Perhaps a video where they explain the consultation process, or a business overview video so you can understand the ways in which they can help you. Don’t you think this last website is of so much more value than the other five?!


That’s because they have humanised their site and have given you opportunities to connect with them and to trust them. It also massively helps them to stand out over their competitors and further educate you as the visitor. So if you don’t use video content for your business then you are massively missing out.

Interested in humanising your business but scared to go on camera?

Now if going on camera is something that terrifies you, if you think you don’t have the personality or if you think your business is too boring, trust me it’s not. There is value in every business and each business has its own unique stories to tell. If you are scared about going on camera then perhaps it might be worth checking another blog post of ours, where we give you some tips on how you can relax on camera.


Alternatively, if you straight refuse to go on camera, then perhaps use someone else within the business that knows your customers and your company well. Moreover, an actor or actress could be used, however this option isn’t authentic to your business so it’s not something I would recommend.

In what ways can you use video to humanise your business?

There are several types of video that you can have made to help humanise your business.

This can include, business overview videos, where the business owner is typically interviewed, this is where potential customers can learn more about what you do as a business and how you can help them.

You might have an event that you want to capture to promote and showcase your business. Capturing attendees on camera, having a great time, is going to have that emotion transcend to viewers.


You might have several employees working for you remotely and your struggling to keep them engaged? Or perhaps they need some training. Maybe consider spreading your communication through video messages, and train your staff through engaging visual content.


Not every video would necessarily need you or your members of staff. For example you could look to have video testimonials made where visitors to your website can see a testimonial from someone like themselves talking positively about their experience with you, this is then going to help install huge amounts of confidence in them.


So there you have it, our number one best reason why video is great for your business is because it humanises it, and therefore better connects you with your target audience.


If you would like some help with video for your business then of course do drop us an email and we can arrange a chat and learn about the challenges you’re facing.

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