How to Make Sure your Sports Event Attracts a Crowd

Sports events are often arranged throughout the year for many different reasons. To raise money for charity, an annual local event, or a corporate team-building event. No matter the reason for holding a sports event, the agenda is always the same, to attract a crowd.

Video Production for Team-Building and Internal Corporate Events

Now, you might be wondering why a business would want to have their sporting team-building event filmed, an event like that isn’t going to be looking to sell tickets or attract spectators, so why does it matter? It matters because it’s an opportunity to capture your brand. Imagine you’re on a recruitment drive, trying to reel in the best talent there is. What do you think a professional video of your team-building event could do for that effort? Potential employees tend to be selective with who they work for these days, especially those that are likely to be head-hunted. It’s going to take something really special to get them to come work for you, something much more than a generous bonus and dazzling benefits. 


Whether you’re hosting a team-building event or an internal corporate event that you won’t be selling tickets for, it’s still worth investing in video production for your corporate event for these reasons. To advertise your cultures and values, to win over future employees, and to encourage staff who might otherwise make their excuses to skip out of such events, to join in next time. 


Videoing your sporting event goes further than attracting top talent though. You can also use your video to show your existing and potential customers how you treat your staff, how you value them, and the efforts you make to work together as a team. Customers are much more likely to buy from a brand that has core values they feel aligned with. Choosing video production for your corporate sports event gives those that might otherwise never get the opportunity to see, a glimpse behind the curtain. That can be an absolute game changer for your business.

Video Production for Local Sports Events

It’s often not too difficult to get competitors to sign up for local sports events, especially if those competitors are passionate about their local town, city, or village. However, getting spectators and stallholders to show up can be another matter. 


A lot of time and effort is put in by local councils and volunteers to draw attention to a local sporting event. There are advertising boards that go up, social media posts, emails, and perhaps even local news coverage. However, it often takes something really special to encourage those who don’t have family or friends competing in the event, to show up. 

Some sporting events are historical. They’ve been happening for hundreds of years, just take Shrovetide in Ashbourne for example. It’s been happening for that long people come from far and wide to see it, it doesn’t need to be advertised. But can you really afford to wait years for your annual event to be so popular it advertises itself? 


Choosing video production for your sporting event can boost interest ten-fold. People love to see behind-the-scenes footage, it makes them feel part of the crowd, and suddenly, they want to be emersed in that environment. This works particularly well if those videos are played on local social media channels, and council websites and shown locally through TV ads or as a brief news feature advertising the event. 


Competitors taking part can share your video, encouraging their wider circle to show up or buy tickets. Not only that, video production for your local sporting event can play a huge part in attracting tourists, and of course, let’s not forget about those stallholders. An event like this isn’t complete without the local burger van, craft stalls, and artisan wares. How are you going to convince them to buy space from you? Can you really do better than video? Choosing video production for your sporting event is an investment in future marketing. 

Video Production for a Charity Sports Event

Just like with a local town or village sporting event, charity sports events are looking for the same thing, to sell tickets and to draw a crowd. Choosing video marketing for a charity sports event can have an even bigger impact due to the nature of the event. It should come as no surprise that clever brands use emotions in their marketing to achieve results. We’ve all cried at the John Lewis Christmas advert, right? 


I’m not saying that a video for a charity event should be made overly emotional, with the sole intention of trying to get people to become involved or buy tickets, that would be crass. However, the organic nature of the event, the charity that’s at the heart of it, will always have a story to tell. Competitors usually sign up to help, often because they have been affected by the cause in some way, and capturing those stories, that’s where the emotion lies, that’s how you get people to sit up and pay attention. 


You need people to not only physically show up to a sporting charity event, but to donate money too. There’s no greater pull for someone to do this, than by them seeing a video and having it explained to them in an emotive way. Have you ever donated to a Go Fund Me page just because of a video you saw or a news broadcast? That’s what I’m talking about. Convincing people to be part of something that can make a difference. Video can really do that. 


In all of these cases, video production can yield benefits that traditional marketing might struggle to do, at least for the first few years. Video production for a sporting event catapults those results, getting you to your goal much faster than you could have hoped for. 

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Here’s an example of a montage video we made for a Triathlon event.

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