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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Video for Your Events

Coming up with content and marketing ideas can be a full-time job. It’s hard to come up with new and creative ideas, but sometimes, all the tools we need for a great marketing campaign are right in front of us, we just didn’t know where to look. We all know that if we have a story about our company published in a news article, or win an award, we can generate plenty of advertising on the back of it, for the next few weeks you can publish social media posts about the award category you entered, how to submit the perfect award pitch, what to wear to an awards gala, and so on and so forth. However more companies are catching on to the benefits of having an event video made and here’s why.

What's the point in Corporate Event Video Production?

Imagine you have a corporate event coming up, perhaps a huge seminar, exhibition, or charity event. The event alone can be seen as a brilliant PR opportunity, but imagine how much more it can elevate your brand, by capturing the event on video? Today, I want to share with you why using video for your events could be the best investment you could ever make in your marketing campaign.

1. Show off your brand personality

It’s all very well and good to add an About Us section to your website, or make every effort possible to showcase what your company is all about via your social media channels, but seeing is believing, and using video to give a glimpse into your brand personality can speak volumes.  A great videographer will capture your people at their best, smiling, laughing, and engaging. Their emotions will be visible to the viewer in a way that an image or text simply cannot convey. People buy from people, not businesses, not these days. More than ever, consumers want to see the person behind the mask, we have more understanding, and more of a right to choose companies and suppliers that align with our values. This is why it is essential your brand personality gets the opportunity to shine and there’s no better way to do that than via a company event video.

2. Why You?

Capturing your events through the medium of video and making sure this is shared far and wide, allows current customers and potential customers to see why they’ve made the right decision in choosing you, or why they should choose you in the future. Perhaps you’re doing the Wolf Run for a worthwhile charity, maybe you’re speaking at an event on a subject that customers will be inspired by. Moreover, creating videos that you can share in the News section of your website, on your social media channels, or via online news outlets for your local area, can have a huge impact on customers continuing to do business with you, and tipping those that have been sitting on the fence over the edge. 

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3. Use your video for future marketing

If your event is one you run often, or annually,  imagine the increase in attendees if you can show people what it was like last time. An event video from previous occasions can go a long way in convincing people to book tickets for the next one. Imagine you have 3 conferences to choose from, and they all sound fairly similar on paper, but one has a great video that highlights all the best bits from last time. Which one do you think you might choose? 


Another great tactic to use with videos in the run-up to a subsequent event is to break your video down into strategic segments, showcasing specific elements in the run-up to your next event in order to build up anticipation. Create an Early Bird offer or a save the date campaign, to keep recent attendees engaged, eager to sign up again, or reacting to your ongoing social media posts. Future marketing from a past event video production can yield multiple results, from social media engagement, lead magnet sign-ups, increased ticket sales, and unveiling your brand to a wider audience.

4. Use event video production for future content plans

As we said at the beginning of this post, coming up with content ideas can be hard. Have you ever sat there staring at a blank screen trying desperately to come up with ideas for a compelling social media campaign? Perhaps you’re the marketing manager and you’ve been tasked with putting together a video advertisement. With an event video, you can generate content that can be used in a variety ways over a period of weeks and months. 


Let’s say you’re a coaching business and you filmed a masterclass. During that masterclass the coach will no doubt share his or her pearls of wisdom, using one-liners and quotes that create ‘wow moments’, that make the audience stop and think. Now imagine taking sound bites from those videos and using them to create text and audio sound bite posts. An attention-grabbing quote backed up with audio that brings forth more context. 


‘Shatter’ the video to take image shots, video snippets, and audio grabs of all the best bits and there you are, with enough content to fill your social media campaign for months, saving you time that can be better spent on other projects.

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5. Creating an emotional connection to humanise your business

One of the most important things creating a video for your corporate event can achieve, is building an emotional connection between you and your audience. A professional videographer will edit your company event video in a way that tells a story, focuses on emotions, and showcases the internal personality of your brand. In turn, all of these work together to compel emotion between your story and the viewer.


One of the best ways to achieve this level of connection is to create a pre-event video as well as an actual event video, particularly if this is a new event you have never run before. What’s more, you might get a really good deal by taking out both options with your preferred event video production company. Whether creating a pre-event video to build excitement or showing your video after the event, both can have massive impacts on how your audience engages with you going forward. Suddenly, your company is a ‘someone’, it’s a ‘people’, it’s not just a ‘place’, it’s got a beating heart and your audience wants to be part of it in some form or another. It’s amazing right, that video can achieve so much? You can spend a fortune on advertising and marketing campaigns, seeing very little results for your efforts. Or, you can invest in event video production, for a fraction of your overall marketing budget, and see a return that simply cannot be beaten using traditional marketing techniques.

So, why should you choose to invest in event videos?

Because by doing so you’re going to create future marketing opportunities, and social media content to last you months, to show your personality or that of your company, and to explain easily why someone should work with you. You’re going to drive more traffic to your website, and increase those call-to-action clicks, but most importantly, you’re going to create a connection between you and your audience both past, present, and future. What other marketing ideas do you have that can achieve all that? 

Here at Peak Fable we specialise in creating event videos, whether that be corporate events, sporting events or festivals. If you would like some help capturing your event, then let’s have a conversation, drop us an email to info@peakfable.com 


Here’s an example of one of our event videos should you wish to see our work in action.

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