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Sound Familiar?

Have you got tight deadlines your struggling to meet?

You simply don’t have enough resource to help you succeed? 

You’re not looking to hire a full time video editor, but you could sure do with some help on projects?

You’ve worked with an editor before and wasn’t happy with the results?

Introducing Greg from Peak Fable - Your video editing partner



Greg helps production companies, creative agencies and brands achieve their desired results with video, and enjoys being an extension of their team.


He has a wealth of video editing expertise. Each project he works on benefits from the skills and experience he has gained over the last 12 years.


He is dedicated to providing superior quality results on every job, living up to the demands of each client and often exceeding client expectations.



Most frequent questions and answers

Simply send your video files to Greg over the internet. For example through WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


Or you can send Greg a harddrive with your video files on. Greg is often working remotely, so just ask for his current address and have it delivered to him.

Greg will upload the video edits to a software known as FRAME.IO. Here you can leave real time feedback, for Greg to make any changes you need. Once the project is complete you can download the files from there.

Greg’s video editing day rate (8 hours work) is priced at £350.00.

Included in this price is two rounds of amendments. For any further changes this is priced at £50 an hour.


The final price would depend on how many days you would need his help for.


Greg offers a discounted rate should you book him for 3 days or more. 


Greg has a cancellation policy – see ‘Payment Terms’.


Greg has a ‘storing fee’ – see ‘How Long Do you Store Files?’ for more.


Lastly, pricing may vary depending on demands of the project (e.g. being sent files the night before a project is due) in these circumstances a quote tailored to the project will be given.

Greg keep’s clients projects and files on external storage for one year. Should you wish for him to hold onto these projects/files, a fee of £100 per each additional year is charged.

The best way to reach Greg is through email


Greg responds to all emails within 48 hours.


Alternatively Greg is happy to discuss your brief or answer any questions you may have over an online video call.

Greg is extremely passionate about helping businesses succeed with video.


Greg takes pride in delivering an excellent video editing service, and prices as fairly as he can.


Greg believes he has have a unique talent when it comes to getting a message across through video, and he’s vastly experienced, having been editing videos for over 12 years.


Greg makes the process as simple as possible for you and really values client relationships.


Lastly, Greg really prides himself on delivering excellent customer service. He will communicate with you clearly and quickly as he appreciates with a lot of these projects, time is of the essence.

Greg can help you bring your videos to life through a variety of different means.


Including compelling storytelling, sound design, colour grading and motion graphics.


Whether you’re looking for entertaining short form video content for Instagram Reels, or a longer emotive documentary piece, Greg has experienced it all.

Greg works within Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop.

Greg is based in the Peak District, UK. 


However, due to the nature of Greg’s work, he often travels and works remotely.


Therefore he isn’t necessarily available to come to your office.


If Greg, is in the UK, he is always happy to meet with clients.

It would be great to have an introductory video call with you so we can learn more about your project and what you’re hoping to achieve. It is also a great opportunity to see if we are a good fit to work with each other.


After our call, it is recommended that you provide a detailed written brief including the message you would like to get across in your video/s, as well as what aspect ratios you require.


Greg will also ask for you to send across any assets that you would like included in the edits, e.g. any logos, fonts, graphics, endboards, etc. Any delay in this will result in a delay of the end product.


Greg will then commence the project, and upload the edit/s to FRAME.IO where your feedback is required.


Once Greg has received the all okay from you, the project will be deemed complete.

Upon booking a package, Greg requires an initial 50% non-refundable deposit.


The remaining amount will be due maximum 30 days after completion of the project.


Should you book Greg and then cancel within 7 days notice – the full project quote will still remain payable.


If you cancel Greg’s services more than 7 days in advance, 50% of the project quote will still remain payable.

That’s great. Thank you. Please drop Greg an email on greg@peakfable.com

and we can take it from there.

Video Editing Discounts

3 days video editing

Book Greg for three days video editing and receive a 10% discount.

5 days video editing

Book Greg for five days video editing and receive a 15% discount.

More than 5 days video editing

Book Greg for more than five days video editing and receive a 20% discount.

Watch a glimpse of Greg's projects in the below showreel

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With every new project we take on we donate to WWF so that we can help save nature.

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