video ideas for businesses

Video ideas for small businesses


Now we previously did a blog post on What types of video content help grow businesses? However today we thought we would go over some video ideas that are specific for small businesses. So if you’re looking for some video ideas for your small business then this post is for you.

What are the benefits of video for small businesses?

Firstly though, let’s just remind ourselves why businesses need video content. We’ve gone over the benefits of video production for businesses in detail, but as a brief reminder, as a small business owner video can help you:


Educate your audience

Build trust with your audience

Build a reputable brand

Spread your message

Boost your SEO performance

Stand out from your competitors

Bring your stories to life

Increase sales for your business

Who are your audience and what platforms do they use?

So we know now what the benefits are, but before we start creating the content, we need to have in mind who the target audience is and what platforms they use. You have to have these things in place before you start creating the content, because otherwise you will not get the best value from your videos. When creating videos it’s very important to have a strategy in place, otherwise you’ll achieve limited success.


So once you know who your ideal customer is, and you know what platform/s they use you can start planning and creating the content.

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Video Ideas for small businesses

Here are some examples of our video ideas for small businesses:


What are your values?

Share what you believe in and what you’re passionate about as a business. People want to make sure that they buy from businesses whose values match their own. Your values will help bridge that connection.


Video testimonials from customers

Share customer success stories, these will massively build trust with any potential customers checking out your business. You never know, that one positive review from a video might be the difference between closing or not closing a sale.


What makes your business unique?

Explain to your audience what is unique about your business. Why should they choose you over a competitor?


Behind the scenes content

Audiences love to see behind the scenes content. Why? Because it’s authentic, it means your potential customers can get a glimpse of the everyday happenings at your business and better understand what you’re all about.


New product/service release?

Educate your prospects on a new product or service available, and let them know how it is of benefit to them.


FAQ video

Answer any customer questions/concerns they may have. This will really help save you time when it comes to individually addressing any concerns, and your customers will appreciate the information. Not to forget, that installed confidence will help guide them that one step further into making a sale.


Why did you start this business?

Hearing why a business owner is passionate about why they started their business will help customers to connect to your mission.


Business Overview video

Think of this as a trailer for your business. It gives your audience a summary of what you do and how you help them in a compelling visual piece.


Meet the team

Help consumers connect with your staff members before they even come in to visit your establishment, or communicate online.



Is your business hosting an event? Filming events are a great way to showcase your brand and intrigue an audience.


Social responsibility

Have an important social responsibility message that you need to update your prospects on? Then consider making this a video.


User generated content

Have customers send in their own unique content, perhaps where they are using your product or service. As a prospect, hearing and seeing a customer of yours happy with your brand goes a long way.


Video Blog

Are you creating blog posts for your business? Consider creating a video on the subject too and incorporating it into the corresponding blog page. This will help with SEO and it gives the visitor a visual breakdown if they prefer to not read through text.


Industry Interview videos

Provide value to your prospects by interviewing experts at your workplace or others in the industry so that they can be kept up to date on important topics



Can you create some funny memes that relate to your business, that will entertain your audience?

benefits of video production for businesses

So what’s holding you back from creating this content?

So there you have it. Those are just some examples of some video ideas for small businesses, hopefully you have found those valuable. Once you have figured out your target audience, and have put together a content strategy then you can look to start implementing these videos.


One final tip, if you’re stuck on ideas for videos, always think to yourself how can I help my customers? That should lead you in the right direction.


However perhaps there’s something holding you back from video? Is it because you’re too afraid to go on camera? Perhaps read our post on how to relax on camera as a business owner? Or is it a lack of time that you have available? Or maybe you’re really not good with technology. Either way if video is something you really want to look into as a business but you feel you don’t have the capabilities then consider outsourcing to a video production company. Here at Peak Fable we love to help businesses create video content that really drives results.


If you would like to know more, or have any questions, do drop us an email to info@peakfable.com

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