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Why You Must Have Video Marketing for Your Corporate Event

Make sure you get lots of photographs! I’m sure you’ve said that to one of your colleagues or staff members before kicking off a corporate event. After all, you know that by capturing those images, you can use them for social media campaigns, news and blog posts for your website for weeks to come. Photographs have their place of course, but just like anything else in this life, things move on. Video Production for corporate events is now a must.


There’s a reason Instagram has grown from an image and caption platform to stories and reels. In fact, Instagram has consistently made videos that users can post longer and longer over time. The reason, of course, is that this is what people want to see. Instagram knows this due to its secret algorithm. 


They aren’t the only ones either, even Linkedin has cottoned on to how lucrative videos can be, developing the platform to include Live videos and video posts. They tried stories too, but that didn’t really work, most likely due to the professional nature of the platform. However, the point is, with the introduction of Tik Tok and social media platforms raising their game when it comes to video content, if you aren’t already using video in your marketing strategy, you’re already miles away from the finish line. 

So Why Video Instead of Photos?

Nobody is saying you can’t have both, there’s a place for both types of media, however, the main reason video works so well is because it saves the viewer time. We live in an era where time is our number one commodity. As humans, we do everything possible to save time and as business owners, we go one step further. We automate, we order goods instead of going shopping for them, and we invest in time-saving apps and pay for productivity tools that will leverage our precious resource, time. So it should come as no surprise that people are much more likely to stop scrolling when they land on a video, choosing to watch it rather than putting in the time and effort of reading. 


This isn’t the only reason you should invest in video production for  corporate events. Of course, using the final edit as social media content is a fantastic bonus, it will be one of the best investments in brand awareness you could make. But when it comes to corporate video, there are so many other benefits.

  • Increased website traffic 


A recent report by Cisco stated that 80% of internet traffic will be linked to video marketing in the near future. Couple that with Google’s algorithms increasingly prioritising websites with video content, it’s an absolute no-brainer that any company worth its salt should be investing in video marketing. 


Video marketing gives your SEO a real boost and if used correctly, it can help you outrank your competitors. Google is much more likely to push you to the top of the pecking order, particularly because once people land on your site, they will naturally stay longer if there is a video to watch.

  • The Power Behind Video Production for Corporate Events 


A lot of companies now have a video of the CEO introducing the company, explaining who the team is and what you all do, how you started, and what the vision for the future is. However, a REAL video, something that shows the company in action, and completely unscripted because you’re capturing the short highlight reel of the best bits, can be very powerful. More and more people want to see behind the curtain before deciding where to spend their money, they want to know what a business stands for, and they want a glimpse of its beating heart. 


Showing current clients and potential clients videos of your corporate events, whether they are charity, team building, networking events or conferences, exhibitions, or seminars, will all yield the same results. A glimpse at your beating heart and a view of your brand personality. 

  • Better sponsorship and Investment Opportunities


Have you ever pitched to a potential investor? It’s hard, right? Just as in point 2, a corporate event video has the power to win over potential sponsors and investors by allowing them to get to know your brand. A video of a corporate event when pitching to these sorts of people works so much better than some nervous volunteer stuttering over their words, or a well-crafted, rehearsed, and polished presentation video. 


They are good and they have their place, but they don’t truly show the heart of the company in a way that catching people off guard, in their natural state, can do. One of the bonus points of using corporate video marketing as a strategy to snag investors is that placing the video in the right places, where your target audience will most likely see it, does some of the leg work for you. By the time you get to pitch, they will feel like they already know you.

  • Increased Product and Services Sales 


Did you know that 85% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it? Calls-to-action get 380% more clicks when placed in videos. Once you get your finished corporate video production, there is so much more you can do with it than use it as a social media post or embed it into your website. Perhaps you ran a huge networking event and already have the next one pencilled in? This is the time to send your attendees an email campaign including your video, encouraging them to sign up for the next one, perhaps even tempting them with an early bird offer.


That’s your current attendees sorted, next you need to entice new people to come along. You might not have their email addresses, but the video can be used as a major lead magnet. Create a social media ad campaign showcasing your video and offering discounted tickets or if it’s a free event, perhaps a freebie for the first 50 who sign up for tickets. Maybe it’s just a free E-book you give, but whatever it is, your video with a call to action included, leading people to a sign-up landing page, will suddenly generate a whole new contact list you did not have before. Of course, you don’t have to give anything away, the video can still work in the same way. 


You might have a client persona of all the ideal clients you want to work with, now you can target them by dropping the video into their mailbox, whether that’s via an email list you have or on their social channels. Basically, the opportunities are endless. 


If you don’t have a budget for your marketing strategy for video, that’s something you need to speak to your marketing team about right now. You should be allocating a good portion of your budget to video marketing. Once you’ve got that sorted, look at the corporate events you have coming up, and strategise how video marketing for your corporate event could work for you. If you need help understanding more about the benefits, feel free to get in touch. 

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