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Who are we and how do we help you?

Welcome to Peak Fable – a Video Production company based in Manchester.


Peak Fable is where passion and creativity meet to bring your stories to life through the art of videography. We are a small but dedicated team of visual storytellers who share a common love for creating engaging visuals that move your message forward.

We work with national brands and agencies helping to solve their problems through video, and bring their vision to reality.

Our specialism is in event video production, including corporate, sporting, entertainment, and community and charity events.


Our video production strategy and execution will help you stand out as a professional brand, build a better relationship with your audience and convert new customers.



Learn a bit more about how we can help you in the below video...

Video is the most powerful marketing tool for your business

Here are some of the types of video we offer to help your business engage, inform and convert.

An event video is a great opportunity to use to pitch for sponsorship for future events. As well as a brilliant chance to spark excitement with an audience. 


Hosting an event for your business that youd like filmed? We have extensive experience in shooting events, and were hugely passionate about them!


Event highlight videos are the perfect way to visually promote and grow your brand. They are typically an approximate 90 second video that shows all the best highlights from your event. Whether that be a single afternoon, or five day event. 


We’ve filmed all types of events from music and food festivals, university events, sporting events and corporate events.


It’s common for us to also film interviews and testimonials at events to bring more storytelling into the video/s, so that you can better connect with your audience.


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There’s a good reason why big companies spend a lot on documentary style videos, and that is because they are one of the best ways to build emotion and connect with an audience.


Have a long-form story to tell that you believe your customers would find valuable? Then consider a documentary video/series, to raise greater awareness. 


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Video testimonials have to be one of most powerful forms of video marketing as they provide your customers the opportunity to share their own story and endorse your business in a visual and more memorable way. Businesses can dramatically increase conversion rates by creating authentic videos of customer reviews.


Choose to have us film/interview your customers and gather their amazing feedback. That way, their glowing reviews can help build trust with prospects.


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Company overview videos, just like our one above, are a fantastic way to educate your prospects on how you can help them, as well as providing some more information about your business.


That way prospects can better understand the value your business provides, and allows for them to have a visual piece to learn from. These ultimately help improve the sales of your business.


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Our Founder Greg, previously worked for a large Media company where he was responsible for creating social media video content for some of the UK’s largest brands.


That’s put us in great stead to create social-first video for your business. Whether you’re after Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, or LinkedIn videos, we can help.


We first need to arrange a chat with you, understand the problems you’re facing with your business. We’ll then put together a strategy and create regular social media video content to get you where you need to be.


Contact us for more information.

There are various other types of video content that we help businesses with.  Have some archived footage you need editing? Have a podcast you want filmed? Have a service you want to explain? Looking to save time and money by having training videos made for your staff?


Each video has its purpose, and they ultimately contribute to telling the story of your business and connecting you with customers.


Don’t know what video/s you need? Tell us the problems your business is facing and we can help you from there.


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We appreciate not one video suits all. That’s why we devise a solution that fits your unique problem. We’re your video business strategist as well as your video production content partner.

The Process

Fast turn around | Trustworthy | Professional service 


We have an initial consultation with you to find out more about your business, your needs, and we work out how we can best help you work toward your future, and showcase your brand. We take the time to get to know your team and your business better so that we can best help you with video.


We then thoroughly plan all the aspects needed for your video shoot. This will vary on the needs of your production, but for example this may include developing a storyboard and writing a script.


This is where we start creating the content for you. Thanks to the planning stage everything here will be a seamless process.


The editing is where the magic happens; sound design, implementing licensed music, and motion graphics to name a few! This is where the story for your brand is crafted.


We send you the completed videos online for you to download. Should you not be fully satisfied with the content, we allow up to two free feedback rounds - therefore there’s no reason why you shouldn’t love your deliverables.

Post it!

We don't just send you the files. We will guide you and your team with how you can make the most out of your content and which platform is best for it to be posted on!

Are You Ready? Let’s Grow Your Business!

Derbyshire Video Production Experts

Featured Videos

Please feel free to check out some examples of our video production work.

We captured this WWF Great Wild Walks video for WWF to use on their website, to educate visitors about their new series of fundraising walking events. We also provided several social media edits that WWF will use as ads, to encourage more people to sign up to WWF. Our videos will help towards saving nature, which is important to us. A project we’re really proud of.

We created this event highlight video as well as social media content for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. This video was capturing the Opening Day event of the Aqueduct Cottage, a cottage steeped in history, that has been restored into a fantastic building once again after 7000 hours of volunteer work.

It was a pleasure to film a series of triathlons for Marauder Events. We created this montage piece for Marauder to post on their Youtube channel as well as social edits for Facebook ads to encourage more sign ups for future events.

So here’s a campaign piece we filmed for Absolute Radio and Wickes. Wickes helped the amazing Bassetlaw Food Bank with some very generous contributions. Here’s all the best bits of the day wrapped up in less than 90 seconds.

We created this promotional video for The Mountain Coach. Their Founder, Charlie, talks about the various hikes and adventure events The Mountain Coach offers, as well as his passion for the outdoors, and how its helped him battle through depression and cancer. A very inspirational man!

We created this event highlight video for Official Charts at The Mighty Hoopla Festival. 

Official charts wanted a video so that they could use it to pitch for sponsorship at future events. This video was used to capture what they’re all about.

We created social media content including dynamic video edits for several elite sporting athletes represented by Summus Sports Group. As well as a series of mini-doc videos including the one above for Jade Jones’ Youtube channel.

We created a company overview video for Peaks Counselling. They provide walk and talk sessions in the Peak District to help people experience counselling in a natural environment. Now they are able to use it on their website to let visitors understand what their services are all about in a visual and compelling way.

Here is an example of a case study video we created for the University of Derby. The intern shares her experience working for Macmartin as part of the Universities Internship scheme, encouraging more students to apply.

We spent 3 days filming the Planet Rockstock Event in Wales for national radio station, Planet Rock. This included capturing interviews with attendees to further enhance the storytelling in the video. 

We created several videos with Magic Radio, including this long form event video to help promote Pub in the Park 2022.

Here is one of our videos we made for the University of Derby. This promotional video was created to help build awareness of the Derby Talent Fair events and encourage more students to attend and apply for the University Internships on offer.

At Peak Fable we help you ...

Engage your customers in multiple locations.


Stand out above your competition for all the right reasons.


Improve your Google search results.

Create excitement around your product/service.


Come up with ideas and support your goals.


Deliver the right message in the right form, in the right tone, and in the right places.

Build trust and educate your audience.


Save you time, stress and money from trying to create everything internally. 


Build awareness and increase sales.

Humanise your business



Tell your stories more effectively


Get the best out of people on camera and help to calm any nerves.



With every new project we take on we donate to WWF so that we can help save nature.

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