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What types of video content are there that help grow businesses?

Now we touched on this in the last blog post, Why do you need to invest in video production for your business? that before you can understand the types of video content that would be beneficial to your business, you have to firstly understand who your target audience is, and what is your goal from using video content?


Are you looking to increase traffic to your website?

Are you looking to convert more customers?

Are you looking to improve customer retention?


In line with establishing what our goal is for the content, we need to think about who our ideal customer is? How old are they, where are they based, what are they interested in, what do they do for a living, where do they spend their time – is it on TikTok, is it on Facebook, is it on LinkedIn?


If you have a young audience you’re looking to have engaged with your product/services then Tiktok is perhaps the best platform to create videos on. However, if you want to reach an elderly audience, who are more likely to spend more time watching the television than they do on social media platforms, then perhaps a TV commercial is going to work best for you.


So think about who your audience is, how are you going to reach them, what platform/s are you going to distribute your video content on to grab their attention? Also it’s not just our customers that we might need to think of when it comes to video content, it could well be our employees too.


Nonetheless, generally speaking, there are many types of video content that can help businesses grow. Let’s take a brief look at some of these.

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos are a great way to share the success stories from valued clients of yours. Each customer has their own authentic experience of having work delivered by your business. These are of great value, as the customer gets to share their story of working with you, and the positive reinforcements throughout the messages helps build the trust of your visitors to your website/social media pages. They get a glimpse of what it would be like to become a customer of yours.

Business Overview Video

A business overview video is a fantastic way to highlight how your business best helps its customers. These videos should be 2-3 minutes long, and work great as an interview format with the business owner, including overlaying footage of your services in action. This will help grab the attention of visitors to your website, and give them a visual way of understanding how your business can help them. People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, therefore creating an engaging, storytelling piece is a great way to keep them interested. These videos will also help build the trust of your visitors, therefore increasing the likelihood of converting them. Here’s an example of one of our business overview videos that you may wish to watch to get a better understanding.

training video

Training Video

An overwhelming number of the world’s population are visual learners. Therefore video is one of the best ways an audience can learn something new.


So if you want to fast track your employee’s knowledge, then training videos can be hugely effective in developing your staff. Which will only have a positive impact on your business. They are also a huge money saver when you think about the ongoing costs of arranging training programmes compared to creating a series of training videos that you can use over and over again, with the odd tweak here and there.

Internal Communication Video

One of the problems companies face is also being able to keep their employees engaged, particularly if they are now working remotely either full time or partly. A lot of employees are missing the social engagement with work colleagues. Videos are the next best thing, they appeal to more senses than any other form of content (sight and sound) and are therefore a great way to engage staff, and keep them interested in working with you.


If you have an important message you would like to share with your staff, then video is a fantastic way to do so. Sharing your stories in a video form, makes remembering important messages easier. Not only that but video is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, so they are a great way of having messages cut through.

Event Video

A typical example of an event video is an event montage video. This is typically all the best parts of the event highlighted into a two minute video. Event videos are great to showcase your brand or business. These videos can then be used as part of a pitch to look to gain sponsorship, which can have a great impact on your business. They’re also a great way to build brand awareness.

If you’d like to see an example of an event video of ours, then you can here.

event video

Social-First Video

 This is an entire category within itself, but when we think about social media, we’re typically thinking of short form video content. We want videos to grab the audience’s attention and look to either inform, inspire, or entertain them and remember to always add a call to action at the end. Short, bite-sized content is easy to digest, and with people spending an ever increasing amount of time on their mobile phone devices, your content is literally in their hands.


You may wish to show the ins and outs of your business through a series of behind the scenes videos so audiences can get to know you and your processes better. You can look to create a series of educational videos that show how customers can use your products, and you may also want to use user-generated content, to build trust with your audience, showing real life customers using your products. There is no point just doing a few videos here and there though, firstly, a video content strategy has to be put in place, so you have a purpose and direction to head towards with your content.

Documentary Videos

I’m sure we have all watched documentaries, and I’m sure we can remember some really great ones, that really made us feel and connect. There’s a reason for that, and that’s because long form visual storytelling is a brilliant way to emotionally connect an audience. This is why documentaries are such a great way to build brand awareness. Not every documentary needs to be a Netflix award winner. Mini doc series can be brilliant for Youtube, your website, and cut down teaser clips can be used on social media to drive traffic to your landing pages.

Corporate Social Responsibility video

There are a range of topics that are very important in addressing, as a business. Video is the perfect way to share these stories, and messages to your customers and employees. Corporate social responsibility is about running your business in a professional, responsible and sustainable way. Show how you care and make a positive difference to society as a business.


So there you have it, we’ve touched on just some of the different types of video content that can really have a positive impact on your business. If you would like to learn more or discuss further about any of the above then please feel free to drop us an email. 

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